smartTERRA Network - AS35548

Here we collect some information about the smartterra content network. If you are searching for information about smartTERRA GmbH have a look at

Contact and important URLs


We tag every route with an origin-community, so you can filter our routes:

Interconnect and Peering

Our backbone is a ring connection of the locations Frankfurt, Amsterdam and both Düsseldorf PoPs. For further information about our peering-points and IPs see

Peering Policy

We represent our AS at the moment on a couple of IXPs in Europe. On all we peer with the Routeservers and we anounce all prefixes of our AS and customers there.
For a direct BGP-Session we need more than 5 Mbit/s 95% traffic between our autonomous systems. Also we are able to set up a private peering with you. You will find all locations on our peeringdb-record.


smartTERRA GmbH
Vogelsangerweg 91
40470 Düsseldorf

Telefon 0211 - 547 610 - 00
Telefax 0211 - 547 610 - 01

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